My name is Srivats¬†Agarwal and I’m a freshman at Emory University in Atlanta. I created this blog for an English class in University. Initially, I used this space only as a means to complete assignments and get the grades. However, as the semester progressed, I realized¬†that this blog is much more than that: it is an insight into my beliefs and what I think of my home country.

After interacting with my peers in college, I realized that the image of India which they have in mind is vastly different from reality. But this should not have come as a surprise to me. After all, even the tourism department of India markets the country as a land of exotic beauty, still stuck in time.

I have used this blog to expose the more real side of India: it is a country with a vast variety of cultures, beliefs, values and a history of triumph even in extenuating circumstances. As you read through the articles in this blog, you will hopefully see what I find fascinating and beautiful in my country.